Game 1

I play this game a bit differently than usual. Normally if you’re by yourself you would play the solo mode, and sometimes I do. However, there are times where I like the extra challenge that comes with playing with the greater of number of cards that you’d use in a game with at least two people. So I go through and play anywhere from 1 to 5 people by myself when I don’t have anyone to join me at the time. It’s a ton of fun so I figured why not?

Now it’s 10 in the evening and I’ve decided to take on a massive five player game. Oh boy. Well, let’s see how it turns out.

Game Setup

Heroes- Deadpool, Emma Frost, Storm, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Black Widow

Mastermind- Red Skull

Scheme- Negative Zone Prison Breakout

Villain Groups- Brotherhood, Skrulls, Kree Starforce, Hydra

Henchman- Doombots, Sentinels, Savage Land Mutates

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)


So the Red Skull has managed to convince the Kree and the Skrulls, mortal enemies, to not kill each other long enough to break all the villains out of the Negative Zone prison to defeat the heroes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend I guess.

At the tender age of 21, I realized I had had a senior moment and forgot to put the bystanders into the villain deck. Oops. I had to add them in and reshuffle. Great start to the game. Moving on!

Five turns in, I drew Ronan the Accuser from the villain deck. He’s an amusing card that has an ambush effect where every player simultaneously points a finger at an opposing player. Whoever is pointed at the most gains a wound. Well, at the moment I’m playing by myself, so that can’t really happen now can it? So what do I do? I have my British male Siri pick a number between 1 and 5 to represent the players. He chose 4. So poor Player 4 gained a wound.

By the time I had enough attack just to beat a wimpy henchman, the two I’d drawn had already escaped. SHIELD heroes are so useless most of the time unless one of your heroes is Nick Fury. Even then they’re only useful in the KO pile.

So it’s girl power aboard the Helicarrier right now with Emma Frost, Black Widow, Storm, and Gamora. Then there’s Deadpool, whose card is appropriately called Oddball.

In a confrontation between SHIELD and Hydra, three troopers managed to take down a Hydra kidnapper who failed to actually kidnap anyone. I’m not really sure why it’s called that. Seems like it should take a bystander or something. This also convinced Maria Hill to join in the fight, as the card allows you to recruit a SHIELD officer. Hail Hydra! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Finally a useful turn. Deadpool and Storm teamed up and with Storm’s effect to take 2 attack off of a villain on the Rooftops, I defeated Shatterax, which then allowed me to put a shard on each hero in the HQ. Then I recruited Gamora and gained a shard. You can exchange shards for attack points or, in the case of one Groot card, recruit points as well. Groot isn’t in this game though.

It’s a sad day when you have to use a shard to defeat a henchman, a Sentinel in this case. This resulted in the first casualty of the game. R.I.P. nameless SHIELD agent.

Black Widow joined her fellow SHIELD agents and they actually succeeded in defeating something. At least someone knows what they’re doing. Also, I’ve decided Gamora’s “Deadliest Woman Alive” card is a really useful card. I gained 2 shards at the start and by playing off of my red Black Widow hero, I gained another shard. The wounds my SHIELD heroes received at Ronan’s hands have finally caught up to them in the new hand I drew. Wounds take up valuable space in your hand so that’s unfortunate. It’s all Siri’s fault.

Gamora gave Super-Skrull a shard, distracting him with her charms (makes sense he’d  have a thing for green women since Skrulls are all normally green right?) then the SHIELD troopers came in and kicked his butt and took that shard back. I’m proud of you guys for being useful for once!

With the help of Emma Frost, two shards, and an assist from Rocket Raccoon and his scavenging tendencies giving me an extra card, it was finally time to attack Red Skull. One SHIELD hero was tragically lost in the fight. The battle has really heated up now! Incidentally, I can’t imagine Emma being too pleased with working with a raccoon, talking or otherwise. She’d consider him vermin that’s beneath her, and then the little fuzzy terror would go postal on her for calling him vermin. It would be amusing to watch.

I drew the first Scheme Twist and Ronan escaped, which means I have to do his effect again. Turns out Siri doesn’t know what random means and always chooses 4, so it’s on to plan B. I found a random number generator on Google, and it turns out it likes the number 4 as well. It really is random though so I’ll go with it this time. Poor Player 4 felt the wrath of Ronan for a second time. Two villains escaped and a Skrull turned into Storm. Not the best start to a turn. Then after defeating Sabretooth, having to use my 3 shards to do so, that player gained another wound along with Player 2. Not the best ending either.

Storm and Deadpool teamed up again, this time to attack Red Skull a second time. An army of Hydra agents escaped, but as they only count as one villain card and I recruited two heroes thanks to Red Skull giving me +4 recruit for defeating him, it was all in all a decent turn.

First Master Strike of the game. Red Skull killed five SHIELD agents. Whoops. Then the start of next turn has Storm-Skrull escaping and Red Skull getting a shard and gaining an attack point. Hopefully my luck will turn back around.

Deadpool had a Doombot hold a bystander and then blew it up, traumatizing the innocent civilian in the process. One wound was KOed, and although technically it was the Doombot’s effect, I like to think of it as Deadpool’s healing factor kicking in. Also, there’s a Deadpool army on the Helicarrier right now.

I recruited Black Widow’s most powerful card Silent Sniper, then had to shuffle my deck and got lucky enough to draw her into my next hand. It’s now 1 in the morning and getting harder to focus. Luckily I think this fight is almost over. Deadpool and Storm make a great team in this game, as they worked together again to defeat another Red Skull. Only one left to go.

Deadpool, Storm, Emma Frost, and Gamora worked together to take out the 4th Red Skull to win the game. Red Skull’s Negabomb Grenade card also took out Dr. Minerva and gained me a shard plus two bystanders along with her. Somehow they survived the blast. Guess the heroes protected them. Now for the Final Showdown with Red Skull for extra victory points.

Player 3 won the Final Showdown with 16.

Now all that’s left is counting the victory points.


Player 1- 16

Player 2- 16

Player 3- 8

Player 4- 9

Player 5- 8

Winner: Players 1 and 2

Closing comments: 

Sadly although I recruited Black Widow’s Silent Sniper card, I didn’t get to use her. This card and Deadpool’s card that allows a villain or Mastermind to hold a bystander play off each other perfectly, since Black Widow’s card allows you to defeat any villain or Mastermind with a bystander. This happened one time when I was playing a game with my friend and it was awesome. We were fighting Dr. Doom and we only had one left, and I got these two cards together. Deadpool told a confused Dr. Doom to hold a bystander for a moment and then Black Widow sniped him for the win.

This was the first game I’ve played where two players tied for the win. Not the hardest game I’ve played, but considering that I only drew one Scheme Twist and one Master Strike, and eight out of twelve villains escaped, I think if I had been fighting a harder Mastermind, which is any of them, there’s a good chance I would have lost. But fortunately that didn’t happen and I beat the Mastermind Red Skull.


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