Game 2

This time I decided to do a solo game. It’s not going to be nearly the length of the previous post, as if I did a complete play by play of every game, I’d be 50 by the time I got through 100 games. I do have some thoughts on the game though to share.

Game Setup

Heroes- Gambit, Wolverine, Groot

Mastermind- Magneto

Scheme- Kree-Skrull War

Villain Groups- Skrulls, Kree Starforce

Henchman- Hand Ninjas

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)

*Maniacal Mastermind (Mastermind gains +1 attack)


This game was smooth and easy, which may seem like a bad thing, but it also leaves time for more games if I feel up to it.

Thematically, I’m not sure why Magneto would be involved in a war between the Skrull and Kree but oh well. That happens when you use a randomizer. It makes for amusing scenarios to try to picture in your mind.

I like the Kree-Skrull war scheme, as it forces you to be more strategic with what villains you defeat. It’s also unique in the way you use the scheme twists. I realized that if you aren’t careful and the game goes on too long, you’re going to have a hard time not losing to the scheme. That’s because once more Kree or Skrulls escape than the other group, each scheme twist will go towards a conquest for that side and only 4 twists on either side are needed for evil to win. For me, the first scheme twist allowed two Skrull and a Kree to escape, so the twist went towards a Skrull conquest. The problem then was, unless I could get another Kree to escape to tie the score, it was only a matter of getting a few more scheme twists and it would be all over. The solution to this would be to hope a villain you need shows up and then wait for another scheme twist to send it to the escape pile. I could have avoided it by defeating the Skrull Queen Veranke instead of Magneto, which is something to keep in mind in the future, but this time it worked out for the best. Despite Magneto being at nine with the extra attack point (usually at ten actually since he seemed to always have a shard on him), I beat him easily. This isn’t to say he’s a bad Mastermind though. I actually enjoyed our battle. His Mastermind tactics, true to the X-men lore, work perfectly off of X-men heroes, and I had a lot of Wolverines.

This brings me to talking about the heroes. Wolverine was definitely the MVP of the game. He may not be the most exciting hero to play as, as his cards are all one type and they are all about drawing cards. They’re also very attack heavy. However, they are really useful if you gather enough of them, and most of them are low cost which makes that fairly easy, especially in a solo game. At one point I was able to draw three cards with him and then drew another two Wolverines, that then allowed me to draw three more cards! That gave me 12 cards in one hand, which was awesome. This also gave me enough attack to not only defeat Magneto at 10 attack, but the two villains in the city on top of that. Although I like Magneto, and Wolverine isn’t my favorite of the X-men, there was still something satisfying about using an army of Wolverine clones to take him out.

Now he did have a little assistance from Groot. Not much, but it’s worth noting that Groot is a decent hero. He adds a little attack or recruit to your hand and his abilities are pretty useful. One card allows you to draw seven cards at the end of your turn, one plays off of other green heroes so you can KO a useless hero and gain a shard, and my favorite of this game was his card that lets you gain two shards and use them as attack or recruit. Although I didn’t get to use his other ability, nor could I as I was playing by myself, he also can play off of a red hero and lets you give another person a shard. This is good when you’re playing with other people in a co-op game. Aside from maybe his rare one, this is probably Groot’s best card.

Gambit was also in this match, but didn’t actually show up at all during it. Maybe he was off playing poker somewhere or something. Who knows.


Adding up my victory points, I had 37. Then I had to subtract 4 for the bystander that was carried away by a villain, 6 for the two scheme twists that occured, and 3 for the three villains that escaped.

Final Score- 24


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