Game 4

This post won’t be as long because I got my new Marvel: Villains game today and I really want to play it. That will probably result in a pretty long post since all of the cards will be new for me, and it’ll be fun to talk a lot about the set. I’ll still be playing the heroes version of course, and even some fun combined games. I’m going to be switching off every few games to keep things fresh and exciting.

So this time I played with my mom and dad. My mom is totally an addict, though she won’t admit it. This was only my dad’s second time playing, but he enjoys it too.

Game Setup

Heroes- Black Widow, Deadpool, Gamora, Rogue, Hawkeye

Mastermind- Dr. Doom

Scheme- The Legacy Virus

Villain Groups- Enemies of Asgard, Hydra, Kree Starforce

Henchman- Doombots


The Legacy Virus is my other nemesis besides Thanos. Actually, I think it’s worse. Together they’d be impossible. I’m not sure I’ve ever beaten this scheme, but one day I’m determined to do so. Today wasn’t that day though.

My dad, no surprise, loved collecting the Black Widow cards. He was able to get her best card Silent Sniper and she actually proved to be very useful. He probably had the best luck of the three of us this game. He also got Gamora’s best card, the God Slayer Blade, though he didn’t get to use it.

I got a great combo one turn where I was able to beat Dr. Doom despite him have 13 attack thanks to shards. I had 3 red cards in my hand and one of Gamora’s cards lets you negate the effects of the shards on the Mastermind if you have two red heroes to play off of. I had enough attack to beat him at his normal amount of 9. Sadly, that was the only time we got to beat him before the scheme beat us. I also had Hawkeye’s best card, but didn’t get to use him either. My poor mom just didn’t get such great hands.

We had some really crappy luck towards the end with drawing both master strikes and scheme twists. I hated having to be the one to draw the card that ended the game for us, but that happens sometimes.


That dang Legacy Virus beat us again, so evil won this round. Now I get to be evil and try to beat the good guys. This should be fun heh heh.




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