Game 5

I’m really excited because this is my first game of Marvel: Villains! I’m starting with an advanced solo game, which is a regular solo game but with 5 command strikes instead of 1. The terms are different, but most are equivalent to terms in the heroes game. Now without further ado, onto the game!

Game Setup

Allies: Loki, Bullseye, Mysterio

Commander: Dr. Strange

Plot: Resurrect Heroes with the Norn Stones

Adversary Groups: Defenders

Backup: SHIELD Assault Squad


I’m off to a great start with the first card I ever draw in my new game being a command strike. Within the three cards I had to draw was a plot twist, which I then had to play as well.

So with that out of the way, I’m really excited because I get to recruit my favorite villain Loki. He has a card called Father of Lies that fits him perfectly. Kudos to the designers of the game. It’s hilarious, and lets you look at two cards on top of an opponent’s deck, then without showing them, call one ‘good’ and one ‘bad’. Then your opponent has to decide if you’re lying or telling the truth and chooses one to keep and you get the other. It could be fun to try to trick someone into choosing the worse card, but sadly that’ll have to wait until I’m playing with another person.

I also got to recruit a new kind of ally, called new recruits. Now I’m not quite sure why the villains would want these guys helping them, as to me they look like two rock band rejects, a computer nerd, and a blond girl that’s angry she didn’t win Miss America. To each their own I guess though.

The first casualty on the evil side occurred when Hydra faced off with the SHIELD Assault Squad. Ah well, there are a lot more where they came from.

The adversary I just drew, Iron Fist, is only 3 attack, but can’t be beaten unless I have allies with 3 different costs. So I can’t defeat him this turn, but I defeated his buddy Power Man instead. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the villain Mysterio, as his card let’s me put a card on the bottom of the ally deck. If that ally had attack, I get +2 attack. The same applies to recruit. Normally I wouldn’t like putting any of my allies on the bottom of the deck, but fortunately, there’s another copy of this card there, so what better card to do this effect with than a villain with both attack and recruit? With only 4 recruit points and a bunch of higher cards in the lair, I couldn’t recruit much though sadly. I recruited a Madame Hydra, a.k.a. Viper.

The start of my next turn sucked. I drew a command strike, drew three cards from the adversary deck, had to play a plot twist, had to put an adversary from my victory pile back into the city, then had to draw another card from the adversary deck. It was a plot twist. This caused me to have to put another of my adversaries back in the city and draw another card from the adversary deck. That was probably the worst string of luck I’ve had in any game, although fortunately it ended there.

My god…. in a horrendous stream of bad luck, I just lost. I got a plot twist, which led to a chain reaction with two more plot twists and two more command strikes, causing 4 adversaries to overrun (escape) at the same time. Good wins when 3 per player overrun, and since this was a solo game, that means 3.

Hopefully the next game will go better.



Closing Comments

Despite losing my first ever game of Villains, it was fun to play with the new cards and it was totally worth the money spent.

If you’re unlucky like I was, Dr. Strange’s Command Strike is a pain in the butt. I can’t really say how his other cards were since I didn’t get to beat him even once.

Loki was fun for me personally to recruit just because I love him, although I feel his cards would be at their best playing against another person. Still fun to have though.

Bullseye’s cards weren’t anything too exciting, but they seemed to have potential, especially his best card once you’ve beaten the Commander at least once.

Mysterio is probably not going to be one of my favorite villains to play with, but I’m going to have to experiment with his cards more to really make a solid judgement.


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