Game 6

Well I’ve officially determined that the Villains version is definitely harder. I ended up losing again in another solo game, although I did better this time.

Game Setup

Allies: Enchantress, Mysterio, Dr. Octopus

Commander: Professor X

Plot: Build an Underground Mega-Vault Prison

Adversaries: Defenders

Backup: Asgardian Warriors


Everything was going pretty well at first. Madame Hydras are occasionally useful to use and at other times it’s better to Dodge with them. It’s a handy new mechanic that let’s you discard that card and draw another if you don’t want to use it. Sometimes you might get something worse, but other times you might get something a lot better.

I’ve determined Mysterio is an average villain. He’s still not my favorite so far to use, but then again, I haven’t played with that many of them yet. His cards can be useful under the right circumstances and for a little extra boost to your hand.

I really liked Enchantress, as two of her cards are really useful and although I didn’t get to use her best card, it could be really helpful as well as it lets you draw three cards then put her on the bottom of your deck instead of your discard pile, meaning you can draw her again sooner. One of her cards though, Soul Sacrifice, isn’t very useful except maybe if you have another copy of it to KO. It gives you recruit equal to the cost of an ally you KO. I wouldn’t want to KO any of my higher cost allies, but maybe a Madame Hydra or another of these cards as I said above would be okay if it’ll help recruit a really good card. Incidentally, at the end of the game it was all Enchantresses in the Lair.

I didn’t get to play with Dr. Octopus so I have no thoughts on his cards other than I would have liked to get to play them.

Professor X was kind of a fun Commander even though I only got to beat him once and that’s what caused me to lose, and I only had one commander strike to deal with. I like that he takes your allies from the Lair but you can still gain them back. True to character, it’s a big battle of wills with him, that sadly he won this time. He managed to lock away my villains in a big mega-vault prison underground, but maybe I’ll have Loki break them out and we can try this again.

I’m going to try a two player game now and see how that goes.




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