Game 7

I had a rough day today, and even without knowing then about this, my sister asked to join me in a game of Legendary: Villains. Of course I said yes because A) I’m always happy to have someone play with me, and B) my sister doesn’t like games so her wanting to play one with me is a big deal. It was also the first time I’ve actually won this game, so that was cool.

Game Setup

Allies: Kingpin, Ultron, Enchantress, Green Goblin, Juggernaut

Commander: Nick Fury

Plot: Crush Hydra

Adversaries: Avengers, Uncanny X-Men

Backup: Multiple Man


So throughout the game we of course got quite a few plot twists, but there was never any adversaries on the board to take the new recruits as per the plot instructions. This made them slightly pointless, which was both a bit disappointing and a relief. We definitely felt the effects of the command strikes though, and I lost track of how many times we were demolished.

Still, through teamwork we were able to keep the board clear of adversaries and I was able to focus on beating Nick Fury. My strategy, though accidental at first, was to collect a lot of Ultrons and try to build a combo with them, which ended up paying off at the end which was really exciting, despite not getting the card I was actually waiting for. My two Kingpin cards that got stronger from new recruits and had 3 attack to begin with were also extremely helpful. It was the Enchantress though and her card that let me combine attack and recruit to beat adversaries that made beating the harder enemies like Thor and Wolverine possible. In the end, I got to sick my army of Ultrons on Nick Fury and kick his butt.

My sister throughout the game had a lot of Kingpins and Green Goblins, and got to do a lot of dodging and gaining new recruits. We were constantly swapping them from her hand to the new recruit stack, which was pretty funny, though maybe not to her so much, I’m not sure. We were having fun laughing at how lame some of the catch phrases on the cards were. Oh, and we decided that for all intents and purposes, on Enchantress’ one card where it looks like she’s seducing Odin, she’s basically seducing her father-in-law. Gross. Plus he is way too old for her to be doing that with anyway.

Multiple Man lived up to his name because he was EVERYWHERE. I get that there are ten of them, but it felt like so many more. We had to actually be strategic with who beat him so we weren’t forced to KO some of our good allies.

My sister beat one of the Nick Fury cards and then won the final showdown for a second one. I was cool with that. I won the game in the end, which I guess looking back I kind of expected, but I did not expect to have 54 victory points. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten. My sister got 26 I think, which honestly is probably more than I was getting when I first started playing the heroes version a while back.


Me- 54

My sister- 26

We kicked the hero’s butts! That’s some evil teamwork for you.

Closing Comments

It was a really fun game and it provided much needed fun and laughter when I needed it the most. So thank you to the best sister in the world for always being there for me.


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