Game 8

It’s been a crazy few days, but I’m back and ready to talk about the first ever game in which I combined the heroes and villains versions. Needless to say, doing this can lead to some rather strange but hilarious combinations. This also marks the first time that I finally defeated my foe the Legacy Virus. Hallelujah!

Game Setup

Heroes/Allies- Dr. Octopus, Magneto, Hulk, Groot, Iron Man

Commander- Dr. Strange

Scheme- The Legacy Virus

Adversaries- Uncanny X-Men, Defenders

Henchman- Hand Ninjas


So apparently Dr. Strange went rogue and decided to unleash the Legacy Virus on the poor unsuspecting world. He also convinced the Defenders and some of the X-Men like Storm and Shadowcat to help him. The heroes have gone crazy. The Hand Ninjas I can see being mercenaries, so even though the rest of the adversaries were heroes, they’d work with them for the right price. The threat was great enough that SHIELD and Hydra put aside their mutual hate for the other to work together. This also prompted Iron Man, Hulk, and randomly Groot, to team up with Magneto and Dr. Octopus, a bizarre combination that surprisingly actually worked well together.

Or rather, Dr. Octopus and Hulk did, as they provided almost all of my attack power and a few other effects. Groot helped out a little by giving me a shard on occasion, and Magneto showed up once before deciding it wasn’t worth his time. Iron Man was off partying and only made an appearance at the end in the HQ.

I imagine Magneto taking over as leader of the ragtag group because he is very much a leader and is also the oldest besides maybe Groot (who knows how old an alien tree is?). Iron Man isn’t one to take orders so left altogether as to avoid being crushed like a tin can, and Dr. Octopus’ arms are metal as well so decided it was best to go along with it and he’s always been an underling villain anyway.

Dr. Octopus’ cards are really useful, as one gives you some attack and lets you draw a card, which then helps you get enough cards for the effect on his ‘Eight Arms’ card, which gives you six attack if it’s the eighth card you played that turn.

Hulk’s raw power also helped a lot in beating Dr. Strange, although I had to avoid recruiting his card that requires players to gain wounds as that would have been helping the scheme come to fruition.

Also for the first time, in the final showdown, the first round was a tie. So I had to do another showdown turn, which resulted in a victory by Player 1.

Overall it was a pretty fun game and I’m looking forward to playing more combined games in the future.


Player 1- 38

Player 2- 16


Player 1

**P.S. Later I realized I had forgotten to put all but Iron Man’s best card into the heroes deck. That’s why he didn’t show up much. Whoops.


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