Game 9

Things have been busy, so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to write in this, but I plan to play more games and write on this again whenever I get the chance. This was another combined heroes/villains game, and it was a bizarre scenario to say the least.

Game Setup

Heroes/Allies- Loki, Ultron, Venom, Hulk, Star-Lord

Mastermind- Red Skull

Plot- Crown Thor the King of Asgard

Villains- Radiation, Hydra

Backup- Multiple Man


I really don’t know why Red Skull would have any interest in who was the king of Asgard, but my thoughts are maybe it was some deal he had with Odin for the Tesseract, which is a lot of times on Asgard and the guy is obsessed with it.

Obviously Loki wouldn’t want Thor on the throne, so he convinced Ultron and Venom to join him, maybe in exchange for getting to have their way with the humans. The odder part of it all was Hydra fighting it’s own leader and other members, the Hulk going against his own teammate, and Star-Lord randomly showing up to help keep Thor from becoming King of the Universe. Maybe this was all some elaborate plot of Loki’s. Who knows.

Venom’s cards are amusing, some involving eating bystanders to get stronger. Sadly I didn’t get to really use his cards to their full potential despite recruiting a few. I look forward to playing as him again in the future as I’ve always liked Venom (just not in Spider-Man 3).

As always, it was fun to screw with the other player I was pretending to be with Loki and got to have some fun stealing their cards or making them take a bindings in order to get more recruitment points.

I got to use Ultron’s combo where he gets extra attack the more tech heroes you have once, which was exciting, though it wasn’t the most useful thing in this game.

Star-Lord’s artifacts proved very useful again, especially his Element Guns that let me gain a shard each turn.

I was unlucky for a while at the beginning and kept drawing plot twists, causing Thor to escape with the multiple bystanders he was guarding a few times. Fortunately my luck started turning around though and I soon was able to beat Red Skull for the win.


Player 1- 22

Player 2- 32


Player 2


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