Game 10

I really need to get back into writing this on a regular basis, but sadly life tends to get in the way. Still, hopefully if I can get at least a post every other day or so I’ll be happy. This was another combined heroes/villains game and it was kind of crazy.

Game Setup

Heroes/Allies- Electro, Ultron, Emma Frost, Hawkeye, Wolverine

Commander- Odin

Scheme- Super Hero Civil War

Adversaries/Villains- Marvel Knights, Spider-Friends, Masters of Evil

Backup- Asgardian Warriors


It’s official, the Marvel universe has gone crazy. Odin led the warriors of Asgard into starting a civil war among the heroes (and the villains too in this case). It was hero versus hero, in which some heroes teamed up with villains to beat other heroes, villain against villain, Ultron versus Ultron. Hydra and SHIELD had to team up probably just to survive. And where was Thor while his dad was waging war on his beloved Midgard? Maybe he was busy dealing with Loki somewhere.

I’ve used Ultron a few times now, but he still remains quite fun to play as. I enjoy collecting a bunch of his cards and then getting to make awesome combos out of them. There was something very satisfying about using an army of evil robots to beat up Odin. I’ve always had kind of a grudge against the old man. He sucks as a dad.

Hawkeye, Wolverine, and Emma Frost all had me drawing cards left and right, which can sometimes be tedious but was kind of fun in this game. Sometimes the other players also got to draw cards due to some of their effects.

I usually dodged Electro’s cards, but not because they’re not good. Actually, by doing so, one of his cards grew stronger with each card I discarded. It also let me draw a new card that sometimes then let me draw even more cards. He helped me beat Odin the first time and through the game let me put together some nice chains.

I was disappointed that 4 out of 5 of the rare hero/villain cards ended up in the KO pile due to scheme twists, but overall, it was a pretty fun game.


Player 1- 44

Player 2- 33

Player 3- 22

(How weird is that :P?)


Player 1


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