Game 12

I’m back in school now, so I would say my posts won’t be as frequent, but they’ll probably actually be as frequent as they have been for a while now. I want to try to post a little more often again because I really love this game. I hope to use weekends to make up for the times I’m busy during the week.

Anyway, this time I played a heroes game with my sister and her boyfriend, and it was a lot of fun.

Game Setup

Heroes- Iron Man, Storm, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Rogue

Mastermind- Loki

Scheme- Forge the Infinity Gauntlet

Villains- Infinity Gems, Enemies of Asgard, Skrulls

Henchman- Sentinals


Once again, the combination of Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Wolverine (sometimes Storm as well), made for some hands where we drew a ton of extra cards. It was crucial in beating the harder opponents, namely Loki and the Infinity Gems.

The Infinity Gems are hard little suckers, though they’re awesome and still my favorite villain group. Two of them escaped before we could beat them and gave Loki two shards in the process, making him at 12. Then two more came out and after that we started getting scheme twists. This ended up bringing the gems up to 13 and 12 because of shards, making them really hard to beat for a while. Even later on it was just a  matter of getting lucky hands that we did at all. My sister beat one and her boyfriend beat the other. I also got the Space gem at one point so I wasn’t left out of the fun.

The Skrulls were a bit annoying as well, as one of them stole the best Hawkeye card and escaped with it. Skrull Queen Veranke took Wolverine’s best card, but fortunately I beat her and got that card.

At the end, my sister’s boyfriend got a hand where he was able to draw a ton of cards between having the best Iron Man card, plus some other Iron Mans and Hawkeyes. He ended up accumulating a whopping 25 attack which allowed him to defeat Loki twice in one turn to win the game for the good side.

In the Final Showdown turn however, I got to draw six cards with a combination of my best Wolverine card letting me draw 3 of them and then Rogue’s card that lets you play a copy of any card. Plus I was able to draw even more cards with my other card effects. In the end I drew a total of 12 cards and the aforementioned Wolverine card’s other effect is that he gains an attack point for every card you drew. So I ended  up with a total of 23 and won the Final Showdown.


It wouldn’t have been possible to win without our combined efforts, and my sister’s boyfriend won the game for us, but when we counted victory points, I was the overall winner :).


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