Game 13

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog about my games, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I have played during the last month, but one time was with family and I kind of get distracted when I’m home for the weekend, and another time was with my gaming club at school and it was really late when I got back so I was too tired. Excuses though right? I’m going to try to be better about it. It remains to be seen if I can stick to that, but I figure if I can stick to my regiment of push-ups and sit-ups every morning for over a month now, I can do something that’s actually fun more regularly.

Anyway, first game in a while and it was a really fun one. So without further ado, let’s get into the action.

Game Setup

Heroes- Hulk, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon

Mastermind- Red Skull

Scheme- Secret Invasion of the Skrull Shapeshifters

Villains- Skrulls, Spider-Foes, Hydra

Henchman- Savage Land Mutates, Hand Ninjas

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)

*Maniacal Mastermind (Mastermind gains +1 attack)


The scheme made it so 12 random heroes were shuffled into the villain deck as Skrull villains, and if 6 escaped then evil wins. These heroes and the Skrulls made up the majority of what I fought, which I guess is thematically appropriate since there is an invasion of them going on. I struggled with them at first as the heroes have an attack equal to their cost +2 and some of the Skrulls kept capturing my stronger heroes from the HQ, but eventually I managed to beat almost all of them except for two Groots that escaped.

Groot didn’t do much this time, but did occasionally give me a few shards or let me draw an extra card at the end of my turn. Spider-Man was even less useful this time but did sometimes let me draw a card. They weren’t the most useful draws though. In all fairness to Spider-Man though, there have been instances where he’s been useful. Hulk provided some raw power when it counted.

Now the real fun of this game was when I managed to recruit the best cards of Nick Fury, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora. First off, Gamora’s one of my favorite heroes so far as most of her cards are extremely useful with the exception of one. Now, the first time I beat Red Skull, it was with Nick Fury’s card that lets him beat anyone with attack less than the number of SHIELD agents in the KO pile. There were 15 of them so that meant pretty much everything in the game (it was in this game, and even most other Masterminds except for a very few like Thanos).

So I basically dropped an atom bomb on him. It was freaking epic!!!! Especially since my other attack cards let me beat something else on top of that.

Then the second time I beat Red Skull was with Rocket Raccoon. I sadly didn’t get to use his best card to its fullest extent, but it still gave me 5 extra attack which greatly helped me have enough to beat him again. So this time I shot a rocket launcher at him.

Then I think I got to Hulk Smash him one time, though that wasn’t with the epic card of that name, just through a few attack cards added together. But the really fun one was when I finally got to use Gamora’s Godslayer Blade! I’ve played with her quite a few times now, and other people have gotten to use it, but I never have! So it was a hugely satisfying and exciting moment when I got to use this card combined with another of her good cards that gave me three shards, to get the +10 attack bonus and slay the Red Skull for the fourth and final time. Off with his head! Haha couldn’t resist. I actually said it during the game in my enthusiasm. My roommates were probably wondering what I was doing in my room. Incidentally it was also this card that helped me win the Final Showdown and claim the actual Mastermind card for an extra 5 victory points.


Player 1- 7

Player 2- 18

Player 3- 8

Player 4- 21


Player 4


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