Game 14

I got my new expansion, Secret Wars Vol. 1 yesterday, and it’s really cool. I loved playing at the Mastermind! That was my favorite part. The new heroes were pretty fun to play with as well, and the villains, were… interesting, to say the least. It was a heroes game with 2 heroic players and 1 Mastermind player, though the game was set up like a 2 player game. It confused me at first too.

Game Setup

Heroes- Black Widow, Deadpool, Gamora, Black Panther, Magik

Mastermind- Nimrod, the Super Sentinel

Scheme- Portals to the Dark Dimension

Villains- Deadlands, Sentinel Territories

Henchman- Doombots


This game was probably the craziest I’ve ever played, not scenario wise, but the actual gameplay itself. I was playing two hero players and as the Mastermind Nimrod the Super Sentinal all at the same time. It was a lot of fun but it could get hectic at times.

Isn’t nimrod another word for idiot? Kind of a funny and ironic name for a super intelligent sentient killer robot, but I guess maybe that was the point haha. Anyway, he has the lowest base attack of any Mastermind at only 6, but he can’t be attacked unless you also have at least 6 recruit that turn. That’s surprisingly tough to achieve, especially with his Master Strike, which can seriously screw you over. It makes you choose attack or recruit and discard all your cards of that type if you don’t have a tech hero. It ruined a few potentially good hands throughout the game.

I will say though that actually playing the Mastermind was awesome. Playing ambition cards against the hero players was a lot of times just amusing, but there were a few that really had an impact and really messed up their hands. The most notable time was when I, as Nimrod, used a card that made the heroes discard all cards of a color of my choice, and I chose yellow, which made one hero player discard two of Gamora’s cards that gave the player shards. That hand had the potential to give the player five shards that turn and they probably would have been able to defeat a Mastermind.

That brings me to the other thing that made this game so dang hard for the heroes, and that’s that the Deadlands villains have cards that when they escape, they ascend to be additional Masterminds that you have to defeat along with the four original Mastermind tactics to win! Plus they have their own Master Strike effects! At one point there were six Masterminds to beat! Those villains are all zombies, and Zombie Mr. Sinister and Zombie Loki were the cards to join Nimrod as Masterminds. I only managed to defeat Zombie Mr. Sinister later in the game. I didn’t even get to touch Nimrod (or Zombie Loki either for that matter). At least I stopped Zombie Thanos from joining the mix.

Those zombie cards are really really creepy and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t have some kind of bad dream after playing with them. They’re tough and each of them has an ambush effect that causes other zombie cards in the players’ victory piles to return to the city! At one point I had five zombie cards on the board at once, filling up the whole city. It was a zombie apocalypse!!!!

Fortunately I managed to survive that relatively unscathed, except for the whole ascending Masterminds thing. That sucked. The other villain group, Sentinal Territories, is based on the Days of Future Past storyline, which I only know from the movie and one of the animated X-Men series. Why were these future versions of the X-Men villains? I’m not really sure, and so that was kind of weird. They were also just weird cards in general.

Gamora was useful as always, and Black Panther and Magik were both pretty fun, though I only got to use two of Magik’s cards. Still, they’re new heroes that I’m eager to explore playing as further. The Deadpool army on the HQ at one point reminded of me of Dragon Con last year. The new Banker bystanders are pretty much useless, but they’re bystanders, so I guess that’s to be expected. I like the new Sidekick cards though a lot. I was really sad none of the rare hero cards showed up this game.

Overall, it was a really interesting game despite some bizarre and rather creepy villains (I actually found the zombie villains fun to battle, freakiness aside; the other group not as much), and the army of Masterminds making it pretty much impossible for the heroes to win. I gave it a good shot though with those players and I didn’t feel like it was a total beat down, so it was satisfying. Plus since I was also the Mastermind, it was kinda fun kicking some butt.


Evil/Mastermind Player Wins


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