Game 14

I got my new expansion, Secret Wars Vol. 1 yesterday, and it’s really cool. I loved playing at the Mastermind! That was my favorite part. The new heroes were pretty fun to play with as well, and the villains, were… interesting, to say the least. It was a heroes game with 2 heroic players and 1 Mastermind player, though the game was set up like a 2 player game. It confused me at first too.

Game Setup

Heroes- Black Widow, Deadpool, Gamora, Black Panther, Magik

Mastermind- Nimrod, the Super Sentinel

Scheme- Portals to the Dark Dimension

Villains- Deadlands, Sentinel Territories

Henchman- Doombots


This game was probably the craziest I’ve ever played, not scenario wise, but the actual gameplay itself. I was playing two hero players and as the Mastermind Nimrod the Super Sentinal all at the same time. It was a lot of fun but it could get hectic at times.

Isn’t nimrod another word for idiot? Kind of a funny and ironic name for a super intelligent sentient killer robot, but I guess maybe that was the point haha. Anyway, he has the lowest base attack of any Mastermind at only 6, but he can’t be attacked unless you also have at least 6 recruit that turn. That’s surprisingly tough to achieve, especially with his Master Strike, which can seriously screw you over. It makes you choose attack or recruit and discard all your cards of that type if you don’t have a tech hero. It ruined a few potentially good hands throughout the game.

I will say though that actually playing the Mastermind was awesome. Playing ambition cards against the hero players was a lot of times just amusing, but there were a few that really had an impact and really messed up their hands. The most notable time was when I, as Nimrod, used a card that made the heroes discard all cards of a color of my choice, and I chose yellow, which made one hero player discard two of Gamora’s cards that gave the player shards. That hand had the potential to give the player five shards that turn and they probably would have been able to defeat a Mastermind.

That brings me to the other thing that made this game so dang hard for the heroes, and that’s that the Deadlands villains have cards that when they escape, they ascend to be additional Masterminds that you have to defeat along with the four original Mastermind tactics to win! Plus they have their own Master Strike effects! At one point there were six Masterminds to beat! Those villains are all zombies, and Zombie Mr. Sinister and Zombie Loki were the cards to join Nimrod as Masterminds. I only managed to defeat Zombie Mr. Sinister later in the game. I didn’t even get to touch Nimrod (or Zombie Loki either for that matter). At least I stopped Zombie Thanos from joining the mix.

Those zombie cards are really really creepy and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t have some kind of bad dream after playing with them. They’re tough and each of them has an ambush effect that causes other zombie cards in the players’ victory piles to return to the city! At one point I had five zombie cards on the board at once, filling up the whole city. It was a zombie apocalypse!!!!

Fortunately I managed to survive that relatively unscathed, except for the whole ascending Masterminds thing. That sucked. The other villain group, Sentinal Territories, is based on the Days of Future Past storyline, which I only know from the movie and one of the animated X-Men series. Why were these future versions of the X-Men villains? I’m not really sure, and so that was kind of weird. They were also just weird cards in general.

Gamora was useful as always, and Black Panther and Magik were both pretty fun, though I only got to use two of Magik’s cards. Still, they’re new heroes that I’m eager to explore playing as further. The Deadpool army on the HQ at one point reminded of me of Dragon Con last year. The new Banker bystanders are pretty much useless, but they’re bystanders, so I guess that’s to be expected. I like the new Sidekick cards though a lot. I was really sad none of the rare hero cards showed up this game.

Overall, it was a really interesting game despite some bizarre and rather creepy villains (I actually found the zombie villains fun to battle, freakiness aside; the other group not as much), and the army of Masterminds making it pretty much impossible for the heroes to win. I gave it a good shot though with those players and I didn’t feel like it was a total beat down, so it was satisfying. Plus since I was also the Mastermind, it was kinda fun kicking some butt.


Evil/Mastermind Player Wins


Game 13

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog about my games, but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I have played during the last month, but one time was with family and I kind of get distracted when I’m home for the weekend, and another time was with my gaming club at school and it was really late when I got back so I was too tired. Excuses though right? I’m going to try to be better about it. It remains to be seen if I can stick to that, but I figure if I can stick to my regiment of push-ups and sit-ups every morning for over a month now, I can do something that’s actually fun more regularly.

Anyway, first game in a while and it was a really fun one. So without further ado, let’s get into the action.

Game Setup

Heroes- Hulk, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon

Mastermind- Red Skull

Scheme- Secret Invasion of the Skrull Shapeshifters

Villains- Skrulls, Spider-Foes, Hydra

Henchman- Savage Land Mutates, Hand Ninjas

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)

*Maniacal Mastermind (Mastermind gains +1 attack)


The scheme made it so 12 random heroes were shuffled into the villain deck as Skrull villains, and if 6 escaped then evil wins. These heroes and the Skrulls made up the majority of what I fought, which I guess is thematically appropriate since there is an invasion of them going on. I struggled with them at first as the heroes have an attack equal to their cost +2 and some of the Skrulls kept capturing my stronger heroes from the HQ, but eventually I managed to beat almost all of them except for two Groots that escaped.

Groot didn’t do much this time, but did occasionally give me a few shards or let me draw an extra card at the end of my turn. Spider-Man was even less useful this time but did sometimes let me draw a card. They weren’t the most useful draws though. In all fairness to Spider-Man though, there have been instances where he’s been useful. Hulk provided some raw power when it counted.

Now the real fun of this game was when I managed to recruit the best cards of Nick Fury, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora. First off, Gamora’s one of my favorite heroes so far as most of her cards are extremely useful with the exception of one. Now, the first time I beat Red Skull, it was with Nick Fury’s card that lets him beat anyone with attack less than the number of SHIELD agents in the KO pile. There were 15 of them so that meant pretty much everything in the game (it was in this game, and even most other Masterminds except for a very few like Thanos).

So I basically dropped an atom bomb on him. It was freaking epic!!!! Especially since my other attack cards let me beat something else on top of that.

Then the second time I beat Red Skull was with Rocket Raccoon. I sadly didn’t get to use his best card to its fullest extent, but it still gave me 5 extra attack which greatly helped me have enough to beat him again. So this time I shot a rocket launcher at him.

Then I think I got to Hulk Smash him one time, though that wasn’t with the epic card of that name, just through a few attack cards added together. But the really fun one was when I finally got to use Gamora’s Godslayer Blade! I’ve played with her quite a few times now, and other people have gotten to use it, but I never have! So it was a hugely satisfying and exciting moment when I got to use this card combined with another of her good cards that gave me three shards, to get the +10 attack bonus and slay the Red Skull for the fourth and final time. Off with his head! Haha couldn’t resist. I actually said it during the game in my enthusiasm. My roommates were probably wondering what I was doing in my room. Incidentally it was also this card that helped me win the Final Showdown and claim the actual Mastermind card for an extra 5 victory points.


Player 1- 7

Player 2- 18

Player 3- 8

Player 4- 21


Player 4

Game 12

I’m back in school now, so I would say my posts won’t be as frequent, but they’ll probably actually be as frequent as they have been for a while now. I want to try to post a little more often again because I really love this game. I hope to use weekends to make up for the times I’m busy during the week.

Anyway, this time I played a heroes game with my sister and her boyfriend, and it was a lot of fun.

Game Setup

Heroes- Iron Man, Storm, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Rogue

Mastermind- Loki

Scheme- Forge the Infinity Gauntlet

Villains- Infinity Gems, Enemies of Asgard, Skrulls

Henchman- Sentinals


Once again, the combination of Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Wolverine (sometimes Storm as well), made for some hands where we drew a ton of extra cards. It was crucial in beating the harder opponents, namely Loki and the Infinity Gems.

The Infinity Gems are hard little suckers, though they’re awesome and still my favorite villain group. Two of them escaped before we could beat them and gave Loki two shards in the process, making him at 12. Then two more came out and after that we started getting scheme twists. This ended up bringing the gems up to 13 and 12 because of shards, making them really hard to beat for a while. Even later on it was just a  matter of getting lucky hands that we did at all. My sister beat one and her boyfriend beat the other. I also got the Space gem at one point so I wasn’t left out of the fun.

The Skrulls were a bit annoying as well, as one of them stole the best Hawkeye card and escaped with it. Skrull Queen Veranke took Wolverine’s best card, but fortunately I beat her and got that card.

At the end, my sister’s boyfriend got a hand where he was able to draw a ton of cards between having the best Iron Man card, plus some other Iron Mans and Hawkeyes. He ended up accumulating a whopping 25 attack which allowed him to defeat Loki twice in one turn to win the game for the good side.

In the Final Showdown turn however, I got to draw six cards with a combination of my best Wolverine card letting me draw 3 of them and then Rogue’s card that lets you play a copy of any card. Plus I was able to draw even more cards with my other card effects. In the end I drew a total of 12 cards and the aforementioned Wolverine card’s other effect is that he gains an attack point for every card you drew. So I ended  up with a total of 23 and won the Final Showdown.


It wouldn’t have been possible to win without our combined efforts, and my sister’s boyfriend won the game for us, but when we counted victory points, I was the overall winner :).

Game 11

I’ve switched gears now back to the heroes version of the game for a bit, and while this one wasn’t the most exciting I’ve played, it was still very fun as usual.

Game Setup

Heroes- Iron Man, Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Hawkeye

Mastermind- Loki

Scheme- Unleash the Power of the Cosmic Cube

Villain Groups- Enemies of Asgard, Hydra, Masters of Evil

Henchman- Doombots

*Heroic Mode- Add 1 extra scheme twist

*Maniacal Mastermind- Mastermind gets +1 attack


The scheme is the easiest in the game, but with Loki at 11 attack I still had a decent challenge and it was enjoyable to play as always.

There weren’t too many noteworthy things in this game, but I will say that Captain America’s cards are useful if you collect a few cards of each color. Normally, you’d want to focus on one or two colors, but I enjoyed having it be an advantage to not have that slight constraint. Not that you have to do that anyway, but a lot of times it really does make a difference. Still, with that not the case this time it was quite freeing.

With Iron Man, Rocket, and Hawkeye in the game, I was drawing a lot of cards. This is a good thing, and that leads me to the one really significant play of the game. I had two Rockets where you could discard a card to draw a card, a Hawkeye that let you draw a card, and an Iron Man where you can draw up to two cards if you have another Tech hero. This allowed me to gather enough points to not only recruit Gamora’s best card Godslayer Blade (which sadly I still haven’t gotten to use!), but I also could defeat the Enchantress at 6, which allowed me to draw three more cards. This then gave me cards that let me draw MORE cards, and by the end of it I was able to defeat Baron Zemo as well, and because I had so many Avengers cards, I got to rescue a whopping 7 bystanders at once. It was a very eventful turn.

It took a little while and I gained a lot of wounds in the process, but I eventually managed to defeat Loki.


Player 1- 28

Player 2- 50

Player 3- 14


Player 2

Closing Comments

There always seems to be at least one player that lags in score compared to the others. Maybe I favor one or two of the ‘players’ I control, and kind of neglect to give the other the better cards? Who knows. I’ll have to play a few more times to see for sure.

Game 10

I really need to get back into writing this on a regular basis, but sadly life tends to get in the way. Still, hopefully if I can get at least a post every other day or so I’ll be happy. This was another combined heroes/villains game and it was kind of crazy.

Game Setup

Heroes/Allies- Electro, Ultron, Emma Frost, Hawkeye, Wolverine

Commander- Odin

Scheme- Super Hero Civil War

Adversaries/Villains- Marvel Knights, Spider-Friends, Masters of Evil

Backup- Asgardian Warriors


It’s official, the Marvel universe has gone crazy. Odin led the warriors of Asgard into starting a civil war among the heroes (and the villains too in this case). It was hero versus hero, in which some heroes teamed up with villains to beat other heroes, villain against villain, Ultron versus Ultron. Hydra and SHIELD had to team up probably just to survive. And where was Thor while his dad was waging war on his beloved Midgard? Maybe he was busy dealing with Loki somewhere.

I’ve used Ultron a few times now, but he still remains quite fun to play as. I enjoy collecting a bunch of his cards and then getting to make awesome combos out of them. There was something very satisfying about using an army of evil robots to beat up Odin. I’ve always had kind of a grudge against the old man. He sucks as a dad.

Hawkeye, Wolverine, and Emma Frost all had me drawing cards left and right, which can sometimes be tedious but was kind of fun in this game. Sometimes the other players also got to draw cards due to some of their effects.

I usually dodged Electro’s cards, but not because they’re not good. Actually, by doing so, one of his cards grew stronger with each card I discarded. It also let me draw a new card that sometimes then let me draw even more cards. He helped me beat Odin the first time and through the game let me put together some nice chains.

I was disappointed that 4 out of 5 of the rare hero/villain cards ended up in the KO pile due to scheme twists, but overall, it was a pretty fun game.


Player 1- 44

Player 2- 33

Player 3- 22

(How weird is that :P?)


Player 1

Game 9

Things have been busy, so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to write in this, but I plan to play more games and write on this again whenever I get the chance. This was another combined heroes/villains game, and it was a bizarre scenario to say the least.

Game Setup

Heroes/Allies- Loki, Ultron, Venom, Hulk, Star-Lord

Mastermind- Red Skull

Plot- Crown Thor the King of Asgard

Villains- Radiation, Hydra

Backup- Multiple Man


I really don’t know why Red Skull would have any interest in who was the king of Asgard, but my thoughts are maybe it was some deal he had with Odin for the Tesseract, which is a lot of times on Asgard and the guy is obsessed with it.

Obviously Loki wouldn’t want Thor on the throne, so he convinced Ultron and Venom to join him, maybe in exchange for getting to have their way with the humans. The odder part of it all was Hydra fighting it’s own leader and other members, the Hulk going against his own teammate, and Star-Lord randomly showing up to help keep Thor from becoming King of the Universe. Maybe this was all some elaborate plot of Loki’s. Who knows.

Venom’s cards are amusing, some involving eating bystanders to get stronger. Sadly I didn’t get to really use his cards to their full potential despite recruiting a few. I look forward to playing as him again in the future as I’ve always liked Venom (just not in Spider-Man 3).

As always, it was fun to screw with the other player I was pretending to be with Loki and got to have some fun stealing their cards or making them take a bindings in order to get more recruitment points.

I got to use Ultron’s combo where he gets extra attack the more tech heroes you have once, which was exciting, though it wasn’t the most useful thing in this game.

Star-Lord’s artifacts proved very useful again, especially his Element Guns that let me gain a shard each turn.

I was unlucky for a while at the beginning and kept drawing plot twists, causing Thor to escape with the multiple bystanders he was guarding a few times. Fortunately my luck started turning around though and I soon was able to beat Red Skull for the win.


Player 1- 22

Player 2- 32


Player 2

Game 8

It’s been a crazy few days, but I’m back and ready to talk about the first ever game in which I combined the heroes and villains versions. Needless to say, doing this can lead to some rather strange but hilarious combinations. This also marks the first time that I finally defeated my foe the Legacy Virus. Hallelujah!

Game Setup

Heroes/Allies- Dr. Octopus, Magneto, Hulk, Groot, Iron Man

Commander- Dr. Strange

Scheme- The Legacy Virus

Adversaries- Uncanny X-Men, Defenders

Henchman- Hand Ninjas


So apparently Dr. Strange went rogue and decided to unleash the Legacy Virus on the poor unsuspecting world. He also convinced the Defenders and some of the X-Men like Storm and Shadowcat to help him. The heroes have gone crazy. The Hand Ninjas I can see being mercenaries, so even though the rest of the adversaries were heroes, they’d work with them for the right price. The threat was great enough that SHIELD and Hydra put aside their mutual hate for the other to work together. This also prompted Iron Man, Hulk, and randomly Groot, to team up with Magneto and Dr. Octopus, a bizarre combination that surprisingly actually worked well together.

Or rather, Dr. Octopus and Hulk did, as they provided almost all of my attack power and a few other effects. Groot helped out a little by giving me a shard on occasion, and Magneto showed up once before deciding it wasn’t worth his time. Iron Man was off partying and only made an appearance at the end in the HQ.

I imagine Magneto taking over as leader of the ragtag group because he is very much a leader and is also the oldest besides maybe Groot (who knows how old an alien tree is?). Iron Man isn’t one to take orders so left altogether as to avoid being crushed like a tin can, and Dr. Octopus’ arms are metal as well so decided it was best to go along with it and he’s always been an underling villain anyway.

Dr. Octopus’ cards are really useful, as one gives you some attack and lets you draw a card, which then helps you get enough cards for the effect on his ‘Eight Arms’ card, which gives you six attack if it’s the eighth card you played that turn.

Hulk’s raw power also helped a lot in beating Dr. Strange, although I had to avoid recruiting his card that requires players to gain wounds as that would have been helping the scheme come to fruition.

Also for the first time, in the final showdown, the first round was a tie. So I had to do another showdown turn, which resulted in a victory by Player 1.

Overall it was a pretty fun game and I’m looking forward to playing more combined games in the future.


Player 1- 38

Player 2- 16


Player 1

**P.S. Later I realized I had forgotten to put all but Iron Man’s best card into the heroes deck. That’s why he didn’t show up much. Whoops.