Game 7

I had a rough day today, and even without knowing then about this, my sister asked to join me in a game of Legendary: Villains. Of course I said yes because A) I’m always happy to have someone play with me, and B) my sister doesn’t like games so her wanting to play one with me is a big deal. It was also the first time I’ve actually won this game, so that was cool.

Game Setup

Allies: Kingpin, Ultron, Enchantress, Green Goblin, Juggernaut

Commander: Nick Fury

Plot: Crush Hydra

Adversaries: Avengers, Uncanny X-Men

Backup: Multiple Man


So throughout the game we of course got quite a few plot twists, but there was never any adversaries on the board to take the new recruits as per the plot instructions. This made them slightly pointless, which was both a bit disappointing and a relief. We definitely felt the effects of the command strikes though, and I lost track of how many times we were demolished.

Still, through teamwork we were able to keep the board clear of adversaries and I was able to focus on beating Nick Fury. My strategy, though accidental at first, was to collect a lot of Ultrons and try to build a combo with them, which ended up paying off at the end which was really exciting, despite not getting the card I was actually waiting for. My two Kingpin cards that got stronger from new recruits and had 3 attack to begin with were also extremely helpful. It was the Enchantress though and her card that let me combine attack and recruit to beat adversaries that made beating the harder enemies like Thor and Wolverine possible. In the end, I got to sick my army of Ultrons on Nick Fury and kick his butt.

My sister throughout the game had a lot of Kingpins and Green Goblins, and got to do a lot of dodging and gaining new recruits. We were constantly swapping them from her hand to the new recruit stack, which was pretty funny, though maybe not to her so much, I’m not sure. We were having fun laughing at how lame some of the catch phrases on the cards were. Oh, and we decided that for all intents and purposes, on Enchantress’ one card where it looks like she’s seducing Odin, she’s basically seducing her father-in-law. Gross. Plus he is way too old for her to be doing that with anyway.

Multiple Man lived up to his name because he was EVERYWHERE. I get that there are ten of them, but it felt like so many more. We had to actually be strategic with who beat him so we weren’t forced to KO some of our good allies.

My sister beat one of the Nick Fury cards and then won the final showdown for a second one. I was cool with that. I won the game in the end, which I guess looking back I kind of expected, but I did not expect to have 54 victory points. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten. My sister got 26 I think, which honestly is probably more than I was getting when I first started playing the heroes version a while back.


Me- 54

My sister- 26

We kicked the hero’s butts! That’s some evil teamwork for you.

Closing Comments

It was a really fun game and it provided much needed fun and laughter when I needed it the most. So thank you to the best sister in the world for always being there for me.


Game 6

Well I’ve officially determined that the Villains version is definitely harder. I ended up losing again in another solo game, although I did better this time.

Game Setup

Allies: Enchantress, Mysterio, Dr. Octopus

Commander: Professor X

Plot: Build an Underground Mega-Vault Prison

Adversaries: Defenders

Backup: Asgardian Warriors


Everything was going pretty well at first. Madame Hydras are occasionally useful to use and at other times it’s better to Dodge with them. It’s a handy new mechanic that let’s you discard that card and draw another if you don’t want to use it. Sometimes you might get something worse, but other times you might get something a lot better.

I’ve determined Mysterio is an average villain. He’s still not my favorite so far to use, but then again, I haven’t played with that many of them yet. His cards can be useful under the right circumstances and for a little extra boost to your hand.

I really liked Enchantress, as two of her cards are really useful and although I didn’t get to use her best card, it could be really helpful as well as it lets you draw three cards then put her on the bottom of your deck instead of your discard pile, meaning you can draw her again sooner. One of her cards though, Soul Sacrifice, isn’t very useful except maybe if you have another copy of it to KO. It gives you recruit equal to the cost of an ally you KO. I wouldn’t want to KO any of my higher cost allies, but maybe a Madame Hydra or another of these cards as I said above would be okay if it’ll help recruit a really good card. Incidentally, at the end of the game it was all Enchantresses in the Lair.

I didn’t get to play with Dr. Octopus so I have no thoughts on his cards other than I would have liked to get to play them.

Professor X was kind of a fun Commander even though I only got to beat him once and that’s what caused me to lose, and I only had one commander strike to deal with. I like that he takes your allies from the Lair but you can still gain them back. True to character, it’s a big battle of wills with him, that sadly he won this time. He managed to lock away my villains in a big mega-vault prison underground, but maybe I’ll have Loki break them out and we can try this again.

I’m going to try a two player game now and see how that goes.



Game 5

I’m really excited because this is my first game of Marvel: Villains! I’m starting with an advanced solo game, which is a regular solo game but with 5 command strikes instead of 1. The terms are different, but most are equivalent to terms in the heroes game. Now without further ado, onto the game!

Game Setup

Allies: Loki, Bullseye, Mysterio

Commander: Dr. Strange

Plot: Resurrect Heroes with the Norn Stones

Adversary Groups: Defenders

Backup: SHIELD Assault Squad


I’m off to a great start with the first card I ever draw in my new game being a command strike. Within the three cards I had to draw was a plot twist, which I then had to play as well.

So with that out of the way, I’m really excited because I get to recruit my favorite villain Loki. He has a card called Father of Lies that fits him perfectly. Kudos to the designers of the game. It’s hilarious, and lets you look at two cards on top of an opponent’s deck, then without showing them, call one ‘good’ and one ‘bad’. Then your opponent has to decide if you’re lying or telling the truth and chooses one to keep and you get the other. It could be fun to try to trick someone into choosing the worse card, but sadly that’ll have to wait until I’m playing with another person.

I also got to recruit a new kind of ally, called new recruits. Now I’m not quite sure why the villains would want these guys helping them, as to me they look like two rock band rejects, a computer nerd, and a blond girl that’s angry she didn’t win Miss America. To each their own I guess though.

The first casualty on the evil side occurred when Hydra faced off with the SHIELD Assault Squad. Ah well, there are a lot more where they came from.

The adversary I just drew, Iron Fist, is only 3 attack, but can’t be beaten unless I have allies with 3 different costs. So I can’t defeat him this turn, but I defeated his buddy Power Man instead. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the villain Mysterio, as his card let’s me put a card on the bottom of the ally deck. If that ally had attack, I get +2 attack. The same applies to recruit. Normally I wouldn’t like putting any of my allies on the bottom of the deck, but fortunately, there’s another copy of this card there, so what better card to do this effect with than a villain with both attack and recruit? With only 4 recruit points and a bunch of higher cards in the lair, I couldn’t recruit much though sadly. I recruited a Madame Hydra, a.k.a. Viper.

The start of my next turn sucked. I drew a command strike, drew three cards from the adversary deck, had to play a plot twist, had to put an adversary from my victory pile back into the city, then had to draw another card from the adversary deck. It was a plot twist. This caused me to have to put another of my adversaries back in the city and draw another card from the adversary deck. That was probably the worst string of luck I’ve had in any game, although fortunately it ended there.

My god…. in a horrendous stream of bad luck, I just lost. I got a plot twist, which led to a chain reaction with two more plot twists and two more command strikes, causing 4 adversaries to overrun (escape) at the same time. Good wins when 3 per player overrun, and since this was a solo game, that means 3.

Hopefully the next game will go better.



Closing Comments

Despite losing my first ever game of Villains, it was fun to play with the new cards and it was totally worth the money spent.

If you’re unlucky like I was, Dr. Strange’s Command Strike is a pain in the butt. I can’t really say how his other cards were since I didn’t get to beat him even once.

Loki was fun for me personally to recruit just because I love him, although I feel his cards would be at their best playing against another person. Still fun to have though.

Bullseye’s cards weren’t anything too exciting, but they seemed to have potential, especially his best card once you’ve beaten the Commander at least once.

Mysterio is probably not going to be one of my favorite villains to play with, but I’m going to have to experiment with his cards more to really make a solid judgement.

Game 4

This post won’t be as long because I got my new Marvel: Villains game today and I really want to play it. That will probably result in a pretty long post since all of the cards will be new for me, and it’ll be fun to talk a lot about the set. I’ll still be playing the heroes version of course, and even some fun combined games. I’m going to be switching off every few games to keep things fresh and exciting.

So this time I played with my mom and dad. My mom is totally an addict, though she won’t admit it. This was only my dad’s second time playing, but he enjoys it too.

Game Setup

Heroes- Black Widow, Deadpool, Gamora, Rogue, Hawkeye

Mastermind- Dr. Doom

Scheme- The Legacy Virus

Villain Groups- Enemies of Asgard, Hydra, Kree Starforce

Henchman- Doombots


The Legacy Virus is my other nemesis besides Thanos. Actually, I think it’s worse. Together they’d be impossible. I’m not sure I’ve ever beaten this scheme, but one day I’m determined to do so. Today wasn’t that day though.

My dad, no surprise, loved collecting the Black Widow cards. He was able to get her best card Silent Sniper and she actually proved to be very useful. He probably had the best luck of the three of us this game. He also got Gamora’s best card, the God Slayer Blade, though he didn’t get to use it.

I got a great combo one turn where I was able to beat Dr. Doom despite him have 13 attack thanks to shards. I had 3 red cards in my hand and one of Gamora’s cards lets you negate the effects of the shards on the Mastermind if you have two red heroes to play off of. I had enough attack to beat him at his normal amount of 9. Sadly, that was the only time we got to beat him before the scheme beat us. I also had Hawkeye’s best card, but didn’t get to use him either. My poor mom just didn’t get such great hands.

We had some really crappy luck towards the end with drawing both master strikes and scheme twists. I hated having to be the one to draw the card that ended the game for us, but that happens sometimes.


That dang Legacy Virus beat us again, so evil won this round. Now I get to be evil and try to beat the good guys. This should be fun heh heh.



Game 3

Ah Thanos, my arch enemy. I knew from the start this would be a tough battle. By myself (in a five player game I believe), I’ve managed to hit him once, and with my mom we actually managed to beat him by some miracle. Still, he’s definitely the toughest Mastermind out there. Not my favorite by a long shot, but the hardest. I do like the challenge though, and another fun advantage is getting to use the Infinity Gems. More on that later. This was a two player game and it was actually really fun even though I was blown to smithereens by Kree Negabombs before I even got to touch Thanos. I was oh so close to being able to put a whooping on him so I was still satisfied at the end of it.

Game Setup 

Heroes- Groot, Hawkeye, Rogue, Storm, Deadpool

Mastermind- Thanos

Scheme- Intergalactic Kree Negabomb

Villain Groups- Infinity Gems, Skrulls

Henchman- Hand Ninjas

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)

*Maniacal Mastermind (Mastermind gains +1 attack)


This scheme is my favorite out of all the ones I’ve played so far. Win or lose, it’s unique and kind of fun to put the scheme twists in the deck with some bystanders and then test your luck to see if you get to rescue a civilian or get blown to bits. It was very dramatic.

The first scheme twist I got, the odds of drawing it were only 1 to 6. Of course, I end up drawing it anyway. So five heroes were wiped out. Now I would hope that in the various shows and movies, SHIELD would have better security so they don’t just allow a crazy titan to drop space bombs on them and the heroes be destroyed. Someone must have been sleeping on the job.

Oddly enough, the Skrull queen Veranke was actually useful to me in this game, as she stole Hawkeye’s best card from the HQ, which put him out of harm’s way from those pesky scheme twists. Then I was able to defeat her and recruit him, which was awesome.

I decided it really does help when you focus your deck on two or maybe three colors of hero when you can, except maybe when Captain America is in play and he benefits from having a variety of colors. I noticed this especially with Groot, as his cards were able to play off of all the green cards I had and allowed me to KO useless heroes in exchange for shards. I also got to use this tactic to my advantage a few times with Hawkeye, though with only minor effects. Still, it adds up. In fact, it allowed me to defeat TWO Infinity Gems at the same time. Those suckers are hard to beat, so I felt that was quite an accomplishment.

The Infinity Gems are my favorite villain group hands down, and probably my favorite cards to play with so far. They’re villains, but once you beat them, they go into your discard pile. Once you draw them you can set them out as artifacts and they give you once per turn bonuses (extra attack, extra recruit, or shards) or in the case of the Reality and Time Gems, abilities to manipulate the game itself. The Reality Gem lets you place a villain card on the bottom of the deck instead of playing it, which is very useful with master strikes. Sadly it doesn’t work with scheme twists. The Time Gem lets you take an extra turn after playing it.

With four Infinity Gems out on the table and two more in one of my decks, I was all set to knock Thanos down 12 points, from 25 to only 13! That’s still a lot, but with the combos I was starting to get and the Gems and shards powering me up, I was ready to start kicking his butt. Then I just had to draw a scheme twist and with 5 to 2 chances of drawing a scheme twist from the negabomb deck, the odds just weren’t in my favor. So the game sadly came to an end, but next time Thanos, you’re going down.



Game 2

This time I decided to do a solo game. It’s not going to be nearly the length of the previous post, as if I did a complete play by play of every game, I’d be 50 by the time I got through 100 games. I do have some thoughts on the game though to share.

Game Setup

Heroes- Gambit, Wolverine, Groot

Mastermind- Magneto

Scheme- Kree-Skrull War

Villain Groups- Skrulls, Kree Starforce

Henchman- Hand Ninjas

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)

*Maniacal Mastermind (Mastermind gains +1 attack)


This game was smooth and easy, which may seem like a bad thing, but it also leaves time for more games if I feel up to it.

Thematically, I’m not sure why Magneto would be involved in a war between the Skrull and Kree but oh well. That happens when you use a randomizer. It makes for amusing scenarios to try to picture in your mind.

I like the Kree-Skrull war scheme, as it forces you to be more strategic with what villains you defeat. It’s also unique in the way you use the scheme twists. I realized that if you aren’t careful and the game goes on too long, you’re going to have a hard time not losing to the scheme. That’s because once more Kree or Skrulls escape than the other group, each scheme twist will go towards a conquest for that side and only 4 twists on either side are needed for evil to win. For me, the first scheme twist allowed two Skrull and a Kree to escape, so the twist went towards a Skrull conquest. The problem then was, unless I could get another Kree to escape to tie the score, it was only a matter of getting a few more scheme twists and it would be all over. The solution to this would be to hope a villain you need shows up and then wait for another scheme twist to send it to the escape pile. I could have avoided it by defeating the Skrull Queen Veranke instead of Magneto, which is something to keep in mind in the future, but this time it worked out for the best. Despite Magneto being at nine with the extra attack point (usually at ten actually since he seemed to always have a shard on him), I beat him easily. This isn’t to say he’s a bad Mastermind though. I actually enjoyed our battle. His Mastermind tactics, true to the X-men lore, work perfectly off of X-men heroes, and I had a lot of Wolverines.

This brings me to talking about the heroes. Wolverine was definitely the MVP of the game. He may not be the most exciting hero to play as, as his cards are all one type and they are all about drawing cards. They’re also very attack heavy. However, they are really useful if you gather enough of them, and most of them are low cost which makes that fairly easy, especially in a solo game. At one point I was able to draw three cards with him and then drew another two Wolverines, that then allowed me to draw three more cards! That gave me 12 cards in one hand, which was awesome. This also gave me enough attack to not only defeat Magneto at 10 attack, but the two villains in the city on top of that. Although I like Magneto, and Wolverine isn’t my favorite of the X-men, there was still something satisfying about using an army of Wolverine clones to take him out.

Now he did have a little assistance from Groot. Not much, but it’s worth noting that Groot is a decent hero. He adds a little attack or recruit to your hand and his abilities are pretty useful. One card allows you to draw seven cards at the end of your turn, one plays off of other green heroes so you can KO a useless hero and gain a shard, and my favorite of this game was his card that lets you gain two shards and use them as attack or recruit. Although I didn’t get to use his other ability, nor could I as I was playing by myself, he also can play off of a red hero and lets you give another person a shard. This is good when you’re playing with other people in a co-op game. Aside from maybe his rare one, this is probably Groot’s best card.

Gambit was also in this match, but didn’t actually show up at all during it. Maybe he was off playing poker somewhere or something. Who knows.


Adding up my victory points, I had 37. Then I had to subtract 4 for the bystander that was carried away by a villain, 6 for the two scheme twists that occured, and 3 for the three villains that escaped.

Final Score- 24

Game 1

I play this game a bit differently than usual. Normally if you’re by yourself you would play the solo mode, and sometimes I do. However, there are times where I like the extra challenge that comes with playing with the greater of number of cards that you’d use in a game with at least two people. So I go through and play anywhere from 1 to 5 people by myself when I don’t have anyone to join me at the time. It’s a ton of fun so I figured why not?

Now it’s 10 in the evening and I’ve decided to take on a massive five player game. Oh boy. Well, let’s see how it turns out.

Game Setup

Heroes- Deadpool, Emma Frost, Storm, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Black Widow

Mastermind- Red Skull

Scheme- Negative Zone Prison Breakout

Villain Groups- Brotherhood, Skrulls, Kree Starforce, Hydra

Henchman- Doombots, Sentinels, Savage Land Mutates

*Heroic Mode (Add 1 extra Scheme Twist)


So the Red Skull has managed to convince the Kree and the Skrulls, mortal enemies, to not kill each other long enough to break all the villains out of the Negative Zone prison to defeat the heroes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend I guess.

At the tender age of 21, I realized I had had a senior moment and forgot to put the bystanders into the villain deck. Oops. I had to add them in and reshuffle. Great start to the game. Moving on!

Five turns in, I drew Ronan the Accuser from the villain deck. He’s an amusing card that has an ambush effect where every player simultaneously points a finger at an opposing player. Whoever is pointed at the most gains a wound. Well, at the moment I’m playing by myself, so that can’t really happen now can it? So what do I do? I have my British male Siri pick a number between 1 and 5 to represent the players. He chose 4. So poor Player 4 gained a wound.

By the time I had enough attack just to beat a wimpy henchman, the two I’d drawn had already escaped. SHIELD heroes are so useless most of the time unless one of your heroes is Nick Fury. Even then they’re only useful in the KO pile.

So it’s girl power aboard the Helicarrier right now with Emma Frost, Black Widow, Storm, and Gamora. Then there’s Deadpool, whose card is appropriately called Oddball.

In a confrontation between SHIELD and Hydra, three troopers managed to take down a Hydra kidnapper who failed to actually kidnap anyone. I’m not really sure why it’s called that. Seems like it should take a bystander or something. This also convinced Maria Hill to join in the fight, as the card allows you to recruit a SHIELD officer. Hail Hydra! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Finally a useful turn. Deadpool and Storm teamed up and with Storm’s effect to take 2 attack off of a villain on the Rooftops, I defeated Shatterax, which then allowed me to put a shard on each hero in the HQ. Then I recruited Gamora and gained a shard. You can exchange shards for attack points or, in the case of one Groot card, recruit points as well. Groot isn’t in this game though.

It’s a sad day when you have to use a shard to defeat a henchman, a Sentinel in this case. This resulted in the first casualty of the game. R.I.P. nameless SHIELD agent.

Black Widow joined her fellow SHIELD agents and they actually succeeded in defeating something. At least someone knows what they’re doing. Also, I’ve decided Gamora’s “Deadliest Woman Alive” card is a really useful card. I gained 2 shards at the start and by playing off of my red Black Widow hero, I gained another shard. The wounds my SHIELD heroes received at Ronan’s hands have finally caught up to them in the new hand I drew. Wounds take up valuable space in your hand so that’s unfortunate. It’s all Siri’s fault.

Gamora gave Super-Skrull a shard, distracting him with her charms (makes sense he’d  have a thing for green women since Skrulls are all normally green right?) then the SHIELD troopers came in and kicked his butt and took that shard back. I’m proud of you guys for being useful for once!

With the help of Emma Frost, two shards, and an assist from Rocket Raccoon and his scavenging tendencies giving me an extra card, it was finally time to attack Red Skull. One SHIELD hero was tragically lost in the fight. The battle has really heated up now! Incidentally, I can’t imagine Emma being too pleased with working with a raccoon, talking or otherwise. She’d consider him vermin that’s beneath her, and then the little fuzzy terror would go postal on her for calling him vermin. It would be amusing to watch.

I drew the first Scheme Twist and Ronan escaped, which means I have to do his effect again. Turns out Siri doesn’t know what random means and always chooses 4, so it’s on to plan B. I found a random number generator on Google, and it turns out it likes the number 4 as well. It really is random though so I’ll go with it this time. Poor Player 4 felt the wrath of Ronan for a second time. Two villains escaped and a Skrull turned into Storm. Not the best start to a turn. Then after defeating Sabretooth, having to use my 3 shards to do so, that player gained another wound along with Player 2. Not the best ending either.

Storm and Deadpool teamed up again, this time to attack Red Skull a second time. An army of Hydra agents escaped, but as they only count as one villain card and I recruited two heroes thanks to Red Skull giving me +4 recruit for defeating him, it was all in all a decent turn.

First Master Strike of the game. Red Skull killed five SHIELD agents. Whoops. Then the start of next turn has Storm-Skrull escaping and Red Skull getting a shard and gaining an attack point. Hopefully my luck will turn back around.

Deadpool had a Doombot hold a bystander and then blew it up, traumatizing the innocent civilian in the process. One wound was KOed, and although technically it was the Doombot’s effect, I like to think of it as Deadpool’s healing factor kicking in. Also, there’s a Deadpool army on the Helicarrier right now.

I recruited Black Widow’s most powerful card Silent Sniper, then had to shuffle my deck and got lucky enough to draw her into my next hand. It’s now 1 in the morning and getting harder to focus. Luckily I think this fight is almost over. Deadpool and Storm make a great team in this game, as they worked together again to defeat another Red Skull. Only one left to go.

Deadpool, Storm, Emma Frost, and Gamora worked together to take out the 4th Red Skull to win the game. Red Skull’s Negabomb Grenade card also took out Dr. Minerva and gained me a shard plus two bystanders along with her. Somehow they survived the blast. Guess the heroes protected them. Now for the Final Showdown with Red Skull for extra victory points.

Player 3 won the Final Showdown with 16.

Now all that’s left is counting the victory points.


Player 1- 16

Player 2- 16

Player 3- 8

Player 4- 9

Player 5- 8

Winner: Players 1 and 2

Closing comments: 

Sadly although I recruited Black Widow’s Silent Sniper card, I didn’t get to use her. This card and Deadpool’s card that allows a villain or Mastermind to hold a bystander play off each other perfectly, since Black Widow’s card allows you to defeat any villain or Mastermind with a bystander. This happened one time when I was playing a game with my friend and it was awesome. We were fighting Dr. Doom and we only had one left, and I got these two cards together. Deadpool told a confused Dr. Doom to hold a bystander for a moment and then Black Widow sniped him for the win.

This was the first game I’ve played where two players tied for the win. Not the hardest game I’ve played, but considering that I only drew one Scheme Twist and one Master Strike, and eight out of twelve villains escaped, I think if I had been fighting a harder Mastermind, which is any of them, there’s a good chance I would have lost. But fortunately that didn’t happen and I beat the Mastermind Red Skull.